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Kannavam was the birthplace of Kannavathu Sankaran Nambiar, the general of King Pazhassi. Sankaran Nambiar, who was captured by the British at Kuttiyadi, was hanged from a tree at Kannavam Maidan. Remains of a British-occupied police fort and a tourist bungalow can still be seen near the Kannavam Village Office. Kannavam has witnessed many film shootings. Kannavam Bridge The Madras Pioneers were part of the British Army formed in the 1730s. It was later renamed as Madras Sappers and Madras Engineering Group. . Headquartered in Madras, it is responsible for providing engineering support to the military. They built this bridge. It is still standing after 195 years. It is made of red sandstone, granite, limestone, jaggery and lime. The bridge is built with two arches. Another interesting fact is that the bridge has safe havens for pedestrians and vehicles.


As per Census 2011, population was 9211


Kannavam Village is located in Thalassery Taluk, Kannur District. Kannavam village is located in the Chittaripparambu panchayath. It is located about 26 km east of the taluk headquarters and 36 km east of the district headquarters Kannur; It is located 12 km east of the nearest town, Kuthuparamba .In Kannavam village, there are five desoms: Idumba, Thodikkalam and Kannavam Vattoli Modappathoor .The total area of ​​the village is 1682.95 hectares.


The majority of the population here is engaged in agriculture.


The village is located on the banks of the Kannavam River and small hills.


There are no tourism centers