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Being the grass-root-level entity of the State Revenue Administration, the Village Office is responsible for multifarious tasks like the protection of Government land, the collection of various types of taxes, the issuance of various certificates, attending to matters related to General Administration, Elections, Disaster Management and so on. Till date the Village Offices were not equipped to effectively implement these tasks,most of which called for efficient multi-tasking by the Village staff.

An initiative is under way to transform the Village Offices of the State into Smart Village Offices, fully equipped for fast, paperless, digital delivery of all the services at the Village level. The Smart VO scheme envisages construction of new buildings with an area of 120 Sq M fully equipped with digital equipment and networking facilities to tie seamlessly into the Revenue Department Hub, modern facilities like safe and secure Record Rooms, a user-friendly Front Office, waiting spaces for the Public, Parking Area and other infrastructure.

Already 103 Village Offices have been converted into Smart Village Offices and work is under way to complete the task of conversion at the earliest. The conversion has brought in much-needed efficiency and speed in delivering the services to the public at the Village level.


Welcome to Village Offices of Kerala, the basic Revenue Administration units in the State. Headed by Village Officers, these basic units of the Department closely synergize with the citizens of the locale. As of now, there are 1,666 villages in the state, including group villages. Protection of government lands, trees, minerals, collection of tax and other dues, maintenance of land records, issuing various certificates etc. are the various responsibilities of the Village Officer.

On behalf of the Government, the Village Officer is bound to protect the interests of the government in various litigations. The Village Officer extends these services to other departments, when requested. Activities related to Census, Elections and the Revenue Court are the other major responsibilities vested with the Village Officer. Effective implementation of the various welfare schemes of the Government, Disaster Management, alerting the Tahsildar about fire and epidemic outbreaks etc also come under the duties of the Village Officer.

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