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Edakochi village office

Edakochi Village is one of the 15 villages in Kochi Taluk of Fortkochi revenue division in Ernakulam district. Edakochi village was formed in 1985 by dividing a part from Palluruthy village. Since then, the village office has been functioning in government land southwest of the Pashnithodu bridge. The office was shifted in 2009 to a new building adjacent to the old office building. The new building of Edakochi Village Office was inaugurated by the Honble Minister of Revenue, Sree K.P.Rajendran on 23rd November 2009. Honble MLA Sree C.M.Dinesh Mani presided over the function. Honble District Collector Smt.M.Beena IAS, Honble Kochi Tahsildar Shee.T.A. Rasheed were also present. The event was organized with the participation of a large number of people and musical ensembles under the supervision of the officials Edakochi Village Officer Sree. K.D. Salila Kumar, Special Village Officer Sree. Rajesh S., Village Assistant Smt. Lucy Smitha, Village Field Assistants Sree.Sebastian Sabu, Sree.G.Shaju.

Village Land Information.

Pokkuvaravu or Transfer of Registry

The process of changing the names of the landowners recorded in the village records (Thandapper Account) for the purpose of collecting land tax as a change of ownership of the land is called Pokkuvaravu or Transfer of registry. By allowing Pokkuvaravu, the land recorded in the Thandapper account of Seller or Transferor is transferred (i.e. Pokku) to the the Thandapper account of Buyer or Transferee (i.e. Varavu). It is the responsibility of the village officials to keep the village Thandapper Account updated in the most up-to-date manner so as to facilitate the collection of land tax from the actual taxpayers. To take such a move is only a means for the Government to levy land tax on existing holders. No one shall be deemed to have acquired legal rights over the land by renewing the Thandapper account through the proceedings. Moreover, if there are legal disputes over land, the officials do not have the power to adjudicate them. Only the civil courts have the power to rule on ownership in such cases. Revenue officials are obliged to make changes in the Thandapper account as per the decision of the civil courts.