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Thirumittakode Anchumoorthi Temple

Thirumittakode Anchumoorthi Temple is among the 108 Divya Desam of Vaishnavas and 108 Shivalayam of Shaivas.Temple is situated on the banks of the Bharathappuzha at Thirumittacode of Palakkad District in Kerala state in India. Along with Lord Shiva, this temple is equally associated with Lord Vishnu. The five statues - one for Lord Shiva and four Vishnu - are known here as Thirumattikodu five (Anchu) Moorthy Temple.The temple is about 5 km south of Pattambi in Palakkad district. This temple is one of the "Divya Desams", the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.During Mahabharata period, the Pandavas built the temple here. Arjuna established the temple and this is standing as Moolavar, main deity here. It is said that during Mahabharata period, the Pandavas reached the banks of Bharathapuzha during their exile and installed the idol of Lord Vishnu. It is also said that the Ayodya king Ambareeksha got moksha at Thirumittakode. The Maha Vishnu of the temple is called Abhaya Pradhan Temple or Uyyavantha Perumal Temple. It is believed that Arjuna, one of the brothers, performed penance at this site.

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Thirumittakkode 1 village office

Thirumittacode-I is a village in the Palakkad district, state of Kerala, India. It is in the Thirumittacode gram panchayat in Pattambi Taluk.

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