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Palukachi Mala ' is in the Northern part of Kerala - Kannur district. Kottiyoor is called Dakshina Kashi and Daksha Yaga bhoomi. Kottiyoor Shiva temple is very famous and ancient. Twenty eight days religious celebrations are held there. Brahmins, Nairs, Izhavas, Paniyan, Kurichan, Mannan, Chaaliyan, Chettiyaar, -- all the castes including both rich and poor come there. One part of the temple is Palukachimala. After Daksha Yaga Dakshayani sacrificed her life in the Yagna Agni. In the next birth she became the daughter of Himalaya - Parvathi the Shailaputri. After their wedding Shiva and Parvathi celebrated a divine feast with milk. All the Devas participated in that. They used three mountain peaks as their stove (Aduppa, Choola). Even now you can see that the mountain is like that. Early in the morning the clouds are moving on the top of the mountains just like boiling vapours of milk. So wonderful, nice and divine!

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Kelakam village office

Kelakam is a village located in Iritty Taluk of Kannur district in Kerala .Kelakam Village is located 65 km east of Thalassery Railway Station and 7 km west of the famous Kottiyoor Temple. In this village, which is full of hills, mountains and rivers, Most of the people are engaged in farming.

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