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Chittur, Tattamangalam and nearby towns are also mentioned in "Memoir of the Survey of Travancore and Cochin 1816-1820" and on this book the used spelling is "TATTAMUNGALUM". Old map of Kingdom of Kochi showing Tattamangalam and Chittur Areas.

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Mannathukavu Temple

Tattamangalam Kuthira Vela or Angadi Vela is a festival conducted in a small village called Tathamangalam in the Palakkad District of Kerala, south India. Kuthira means "horse" and Vela means "festival" in the Malayalam language. During the festival, a grant horse race is conducted by the local people. The riders are from the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. One can see many volunteers painted in black with charcoal; these men are guards who control the people standing on the road side to see the race, this is also called Kari Vela.