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Vallikunnam village,a beautiful piece of land with plenty of paddy fields and chiras(waterbodies), situated in the south eastern corner of Alappuzha District, is a place of historical importance because of the great persons and events that marked their footprints in this soil.The dramatist and social reformer Thoppil Bhasi,the well known critics and poet -the Ezhuthachan Award winner Puthusseri Ramachandran,world famous scientist Dr.E.P Yesodharan and social reformer and journalist Kambisseri Karunakaran and so many great leaders and artists are born and brought up here. Cultural History- There is no wonder to say that It is a home of art and litrature.There is a lot of stories relating to the name ,Vallikunnam.Some people believe that it is the home of “Valli” ,the name of the wife of the lord Subrahmania.Another story is that it is the hill of Vallis(vines).The hills and vines which is found in eastern area of the part support this story.The drama “Ningalenne Communist Akki” paved the way for the social reformation in Kerala against fuedalism was written by the well known dramatist and social leader Thoppil bhasi.He wrote a lot of other dramas against castism and social injustice.The famous filim director Ajayakumar ,son of Thoppil Bhasi lived here.He was the director of the classic Malayalam movie “Perunthachan”.Youth League Library is the first Library of Vallikunnam which is located in Vattakkad..The great men like Kesavan Potty and Thoppil Bhasi of Vallikunnam has a pivotal role in the formation and activities of KPAC. Population- The Majority of the population is Hindus.Muslims have second place in population and Christian community come to the next place.The scheduled cast people have a vital role in the population.All people lead a peaceful life because of the remarkable religious harmony in the place. Social History- The people of the area were Feudal Lords and agricultural labours.The labour class were exploited and embarassed by the land lords.The Meni riot and Sooranad Riot were the agricultural strikes against these land lords.A farmer named Meni marked his vote for Thoppil Bhasi in panchayath election and Thoppil Bhasi was elected as the President of Vallikunnam Panchayath.The Land lord banned him from job and it caused a social revolt.The Communist pary declared a rebellion against this social injustice.The land lord faced this revolt with all his weapons and tactics.Meni was arrested and brutally tortured in lock up.The riot became a mass movement with this incident.So many agricultural labours were arrested and they were also witnessed the cruelty of Police.Kesavan Potty sir ,The sanskrit school headmaster and a well known writer Began a fast to reinstate Meni.So many leaders supported him and atlast they agreed that Meni will be reinstated.But he was unable to rejoin duty because of his poor health caused by the torturing of the police and later he died.For his memmory Meni Memorial school is estabblished. Soornad strike was another agricultural strike which happened at a palce called soornad in Kollam District near Vallikunnam.It was also against the cruelty of Fuedel Lords.Pulathara Kchukunju,Chelakkatt kunjiraman,T.K Thevan,Panathazha Ragavan,Peroor Madhavan pillai and Thoppil Bhasi were the leaders of Sooranad Strike.They all faced the torturing and brutality of the police. Vallikunnam village is going on his journey with remarkable changes in socio-economic field even today.So many schools and social institutions and Govt. offices work in this Village. The first smart village office in Mavelikkara thaluk is inuagurated here in 2018.

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