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Vettiyar is a village in theDistrict of Alappuzha in Kerala,India on the Mavelikara-Pandalam road.It lies on the banks of Achancovil River.It is situated between Mavelikkara and Pandalam.Vettiyar the part of Thazhakkara Village till1986.In 1986Thazhakkara Village slit in to 2Villages,Thazhakara and Vettiyar. Vettiyar as we seen now was small naighbouring Agrarian Village of chunakkara during the past .There was a story behind the development of this name. Agriculture was the prime occupation of the people of there. Once there occurred a severe drought which ruined all the hopes of Villagers.They tried to all the Ways possible to overcome this natural calamity. But their efforts were in vain.Finally the hardworking people of this Village united together for a common couse.They decided to let the river Achankovil flow through this Village converting its natural flow through Pandanad.This made the land more fertile of water in plants.It is believed that the digging of new flow path of Achankovil River this village,gave the village this name” Vettiyar” Total Geographical area of vettiyar Village is1476.64.03 Hectors.Total population of this village21393 people. There are about5673 houses in Vettiyar village as per local body data there are Public and Private Sectors in our Village like Industrial Estate,District Agricultural Farm,Honey park etc. there are so many religious spot like Palliyarakkavu Devi Temple(pathamudhaya maholsavam very famous festival function in kerala),St thomas orthadox church kallimel,Juma Mazjid Mankamkuzhi,Marthoma church Vettiyar . Vettiyar village comes under Mavelikara Parliament Constituency.Mavelikara is the nearest town in vettiyar Village approximately 8 Km away.

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