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Kathirur derives its name from the word Kathirur, which means the Ur of Kathir, as it is a land rich in paddy fields. The match between Mathilur Guru and Thacholi Othenan took place at Kathirur village. The gold medal is very famous. History has it that during the British rule, the village courts of Kathirur were located on the Kachcheri Param where the present Village Office is located. At that time, the power to collect taxes in Kathirur was given to the Kookkal family. For about thirty years the tax was levied by the Komappan authority of the Kookal clan. After his death, the village was reorganized on 1.9.1961 and the existing Ponniam section was merged with the Kathirur section to form the present Kathirur Village.

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