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Pallippuram Fort or (Paleport Castelo em Cima) is a fort in Pallippuram, Vyppin, Ernakulam district of Kerala, south India. It was built by Portuguese sailors on 27 September, 1503 using just timber wood, and later renovated in 1505 by replacing timber structure with stone. It is the oldest existing European fort in India. The Dutch East Indies captured the fort in 1663 and sold it to the Kingdom of Travancore in 1789. The fort is situated in the northern extremity of Vypeen island and is hexagonal in shape, a form popularly known as ayikkotta or alikotta.[1]


Kuzhupilly Beach in its pristine splendour is a literal paradise for swimmers. Its white and sandy shores form the perfect backdrop for a relaxing dip.The backwaters nearby are an added charm, as are the paddy fields and coconut groves on the way to the beach. The beach will also host kite festivals are occasionally. Vypin Island forms the best base for this beach with its equable climate and proximity to Ernakulam.


Munambam Beach is among the quaint spots that adorn the northern tip of Vypeen Island, situated near the Munambam Fishing Harbour in Ernakulam district. One has a plethora of beautiful vantage points around the area, ideal for picnics and natural treks. The place is tailor made for exploration, and a popular destination for kite flying, with a number of gorgeous homestays coming up in the area over the years.

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Kuzhuppilly village office

Kuzhuppilly Village consists of mainly two bits of Land. i.e Kuzhuppilly Kara and Munambam Kara. Pallippuram Village lies in between these two Karas. It is special feature of Kuzhuppilly Village

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