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Story behind the name 'KALLUVATHUKKAL'

The word 'KALLU' means Rock.In ancient period the village Kalluvathukkal was known for its abundant deposit of rocks especially, 'Krishnasila' which was an essential raw material for craving idols and structures for constructing temples. The main activities related to this were performed by the skilled people on both sides of the main road passess through the village.Thereafter unskilled people of the area started many rock crushing and supplying units. At that time only this type of hand made rock products are availale for construction purposes. Later, this business was opened large opportunity to the common people for their livelihood. So many business people and customers concentrated in this locality and this place became a major business zone related to rock in southern Kollam. According to people of last century, thus the place was given the name 'KALLUVATHUKKAL' means ‘In front of Rocks’.