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Malampuzha Gardens , Snake park, Rock Garden

The Vrindavan of Kerala is located in this village

Main Attractions in Malampuzha Gardens

Malampuzha Yakshi is a famous sculpture by Kanayi Kunhiraman

Snake park, Malampuhza

Rock Garden, Malampuzha

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Malampuzha-II village office

Malampuzha 2 Village is located in Palakkad Taluk of Palakkad district in the State of Kerala. The renowned Malampuzha garden a famous tourist spot with a snake park and rock garden is located in this village, But the dam and catchment area are in Malampuzha-1 village. As the name refers it is an agriculture-dominated village with lots of greenery.

Village Land Information.


Village offices are the basic units of revenue administration. A village office is headed by a Village Officer and is the representative of Government. Village offices have very close interaction with the citizens of the state. Protection of government lands, trees, minerals, collection of tax and other dues, maintenance of land records, issuing various certificates etc. are the various responsibilities of the village officer. As a representative of the Government, the village officer is bound to protect the interests of government in litigations. The village officer extends his services to other departments, when requested. Census, election and activities related to revenue court are the other responsibilities handled by the village officer. Effective implementation of various welfare schemes of the government, disaster management, alerting the Tahsildar about fire and epidemic outbreaks, etc are the also entrusted with the village officer.

Malampuzha gardens