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Thirumeni is a village in Kannur district in the Kerala state of India. The place is known for its renowned hillstation Chathamangalam Hills. The village has several recently migrated families from various parts of the erstwhile political entity (state) of Travancore (mainly from Pathanamthitta Kottayam and Idukki Districts) who settled here in the famed "Malabar migration period" in the Nineteenth Century. Most of the inhabitants of the village reside in the valley of three major hills by name Chathamangalam Theruvamala alias Alumbumala, Kottathalachimala and Thevarkunnumala. Thirumeni is a small junction with a few government institutions, religious institutions and small shops and is subdivided into smaller places like Kokkadave, Prapoyil, Chathamangalam (Kannur), Thabore , Muthuvom, Korali, Chattivayal, Thannichal, Paruthikallu etc.

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