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Kannadipparambu village was included in the present day Narath and Kolachery Grama Panchayats of Kattampally Kadavinikkara long before independence during the British rule. Later, at each stage, the villages of Cheleri, Kolachery and Narath were separated. The four existing Kannadiparambu village limits are Malot, Kannadiparamba, Pulluppi and Mathodam,It is located in seven wards of Narath Grama Panchayat in full and in three wards in part.The Village Office was housed in rented buildings for a long time after its formation. Finally, in the 1980s, the office building was constructed on 4 cents of land donated by Mr. Pulikkal Ummer Haji It is located in the kannadipparamba desam.Narath Grama Panchayat Cultural Center has been functioning temporarily since 2018 due to damage to the building. Construction work plans for the new building are underway at a high level.

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