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Veloor village is located in Kottayam Tehsil of Kottayam district in Kerala, India. It is situated 4km away from Kottayam, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Veloor village.

Village Land Information.

About Sri Veloor Krishnan Kutty

N. K. Krishnankutty, popularly known as Veloor Krishnankutty (Malayalam: വേളൂർ കൃഷ്ണൻകുട്ടി, 19 September 1927 – 22 August 2003), was an Indian satirist of Malayalam literature. An author of 159 books, Krishnankutty was known for his humour-laced social criticism. Kerala Sahitya Akademy awarded him their annual award for miscellaneous works in 1974.