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Eranholi village office

The Eranjoli Village Office is located at Perunthattil in the central part of the Eranjoli Grama Panchayat in Thalassery Taluk. Eranjoli was an area under the administrative influence of the Cheraman Perumaks. After that it became under British occupation and became part of Malabar. The feudal lords under Lord Kottayam and the spheres of influence of Lord Pazhassi played a significant role in shaping the social life of Eranjoli. Eranjoli can also be traced back to the battlefields of Hyder Ali and Tipu, the sultans of Mysore. Kaitheri Kunkan, a hero of Pazhassi, was hanged at Kunjikuloth. This place was also the main resting place of Veera Pazhassi. The house of Arathil Kandoth Kapparatti and the scholarly audience there were symbols of nostalgia and past pride. Kapparatti Bhavanam is the birthplace of Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar, the lord of the first Malayalam short story Vasana Vikrithi. Koithatta Narayanan, the father of architecture and literary thinker, was born in Perunthattu, Eranjoli.

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