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There are some traces of pre historic elements in the limit of present Chathurangappara Village. The tribal Mannan community may be the ancient aborgins of this place. There were some settlements in the Sangha period (First four centuries of AD )also. The name Chathurangappara also derived from the game Chathurangam used to be played at the hill top, presently named and known as Chathurangappara Mettu, within this place during Sangha period. Some of the Pandiya kings were very much indulged in the game conducted at this hill top. Discarding the dark period from 5th to 8th century, Cheras are considered to be the first and only rulers of this place from Ist centuary to 12 th centuary. After the dissentigration of Chera empire the land became the property of Chengamanad Devaswam . During this period the land were acceded to the throne of Nanthuzhainadu,Keezhmalanadu, Vempolinadu and Thekkumkoor in different periods of time. As like all other parts in the present Idukki District, Chathurangappara also acquiesced the rule of Perumal of Poonjar or Poonjar Raja (Poonjar Swaroopam) by 15th centuary AD. In his triumphant invasion to extend the power and geographical limits of Venad swaroopam, The Maharaja Marthanda Varma annexed poonjar swaroopam, as like many other desams , to his Travancore kingdom . Accordingly present Chathurangappara became the part of Travancore kingdom in 1750. In Travancore at first Chathurangappara was a place within Thodupuzha Mandapathumvathukkal (Taluk) under Vadakke Mukham. Later this Vadakke Mukham became a Division viz. Kottayam. With a proclamation on 11th August 1887, which defined the boundaries of Cardamom Hills Reserve, 3 divisions were formed viz. Vandanmedu, Udumbanchola and Pooppara within CHR under Cardamom Superintendent in Thodupuzha Taluk. Chathurangappara was part of Udumbanchola division at that time. This division later termed Pakuthy (Village) after settlement in 1910. Chathurangappara along with entire Udumbanchola Pakuthy annexed to newly formed Devikulam Taluk in 1910. In 1st October 1956 after bifurcation of Udumbanchola village Chathurangappara Village was formed. With many other villages Chathurangappara was also got included in newly formed Udumbanchola Taluk in 1956 and this statusquo is continuing till date. As per the original survey There are seven Thavalam in this village viz. Chathurangappara, Njavari( Namari) , Santharuvi, Thalayankavu, Adukidanthan and Pappanpara. Although resurvey was done in this village the same has not been implemented yet now .

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