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Muthukulam village is famous for its agricultural culture. In the past, Muthukulam was a granary of paddy grains as valuable as pearls. The area known as Muthakkulam was the area where pearl-like paddy grains were grown and gradually became Muthukulam. Irippur is famous for its paddy cultivation and one flower sesame cultivation is also important in the paddy fields. In dry lands coconut cultivation is important. Muthukulams contribution to art as well as agriculture is invaluable. Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai, who became a part of history by writing the story, screenplay and songs for the first Malayalam sound film Balan, is memorable. He was also a famous actor and playwright. Meenathil Kesava Pillai, the mastermind of Kuthiyottam, the eminent Sanskrit scholar and author of the famous Devi Mahatmyam Kuthiyottam song, the early poet Muthukulam Parvatiyamma, the actors of old plays Akbar Sankara Pillai and Muthukulam Karthikeyan Nair ,Poets like Muthukulam Sridhar and Muthukulam Gangadharan Pillai were part of Muthukulam by birth, whereas Freedom fighter, editor, writer and politician AP Udayabhanu, famous Malayalam biographer Pallipattu Kunhikrishnan and film actress Navyanayar later made Muthukulam their own village. But Muthukulams greatest pride is P.Padmarajan, who became world famous as a filmmaker and writer. Muthukulams name can also be seen in the political history of Kerala. The speech delivered by Mannath Padmanabhan on May 25, 1947 against the rule of Diwan CP Ramaswamy Iyyer is a part of history under the title Muthukulam Prasangam

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