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History of Mavelikara Village History of Mavelikara is as ancient as the myth of the Great King Mahabali. It is said that the name Mahabalikara Shortened to Mavelikara. Another thought is that before 12 BC in Ramanathapuram which is in Tamilnadu there was a royal group called Maveli Vamsham. These Maveli kings came to Malayali desam through Sahyaparvathas and formed a reign called Mavelikara. Many myths exists regarding the formation of Mavelikara. In Later History there was a kingdom called Odanad (also called Onattukara). Kayamkulam King was the ruler. Kandiyoor Mattom, (at present Kandiyoor is a muri of Mavelikara Village) was its capital. In 1746 Marthandavarma conquered the Land and annexed to Travancore. The Village is prominent for legendary literary persons like Kerala Panini AR Raja Raja Varma, great officers, artists, Political legents, and spritual leaders. This place is a land of palaces. The royalty of these castles are reflected all over the place. The sight of Royal Palace Gate in west fort is a bliss to our eyes. Mavelikara has a significant importance in the history of Kerala. The ‘treaty of Mavelikara’ was a treaty of Peace and friendship signed between Maharaja Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma of Travancore and the Dutch Company. It was signed on 15 August 1753 at Mavelikara. The treaty effectively ended the political and commercial dominance of Dutch in Kerala. A Memmorial in this regard is seen in the Sreekrishnaswamy Temple. Here you can see a lamp pillar with four statues of Dutch soliders holding gun upside down. When we think about Mavelikara the first thing that comes to our mind is Buddha Mandapom and Buddha statue. This monument is now maintained by Archeology department of Kerala. It is believed that in the 6th and 7th century Mavelikara was one of the great centers that preached Buddhism. The Legendary person who built a foundation to Malayalam Language, Kerala Panini AR Raja Raja Varma’s mausoleum Sharadha Mandiram is situated in this Village. Famous religious centres like Sreekrishna Temple, Kandiyoor Lord Siva Temple, St Marys Cathedral Puthiyakavu, CSI Christ church are all very old epitome of religious harmony. The birth place of Blessed Mar Ivanios, first Metropolitan Arch Bishop of Malankara Catholic Church is in this village. Many educational institutions like Raja Ravi Varma college of fine arts, Raja Ravi Varma Painting School, Peet memorial Training college and so many schools exists in this Historical place. River achancoil flows through the northern side of the Village. The Mandapathin kadavu a small historical place in the bank of the river is worth a place for people to spent some time in the beauty of the nature. Mavelikara Village was formed during the Travancore reign itself. The Office was earlier located in Prayikara. It was shifted to present place after construction of new office in 7.1.1999. Municipality was formed in the year 1919.

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