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The birth place and resting place of AKG, who is a freedom fighter and former opposition leder in loksabha is situated in Makreri village. The legend says that, when lord sreerama starts searching of his wife seetha, the place Peralassery was found as a holy place. He decided to dedicate idol there. Beacause of lord hanuman was late to bring the idol, Rama took his own bangle(വള) and consecrated there. So the place got the name Peruvalassery(പെരുവളശ്ശേരി). It was shortened to Peralassery(പെരളശ്ശേരി ). Hanuman consecrated the idol brought by him in Makreri, the place just near to Peruvalassery. Beacause of Markkadan (Monkey) consecrated the idol, the place got name Markkadassery. Then it was shortened to Makreri.

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