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Karimpuzha1 village is located on the banks of the Karimpuzha River, a major tributary of the Bharathapuzha River. The total Geographical Area of the Village is 2953.4323 Hectares. One of the main attrations of Karimpuzha1 village is Karimpuzha Sree Ramaswamy Temple (also known as the Dakshina Ayodhya) . The temple was owned by Kozhikode Samoodhiripad - Eralpad, the heir to become Samoodhiri, who had his "Kovilakam" in Karimpuzha. It is believed that Rama renounced his life here in the river Karimpuzha . One of the major occupation of people in Karimpuzha1 village is weaving. The fore fathers of weaving community of Karimpuzha came from Mysore 500 years ago, to weave clothes for Zamorin dynasty and they never returned to their native place. The weavers belong to special weaving community called Devanga. They followed the traditional path in the early days and created elegant clothes which cannot be replaced by other types of clothes.presently the village is a centre of Handloom manufacturing and selling.

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