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Nannamukku village is situated in the southern end of Malappuram District. Shares its boundary with Thrissur district.


As per 2011 census population is 28989. 13040 male and 15949 female


Area of the Village is 1938.6334 Hectares . Of this 901.8517 H is paddy field . This is a place with lot of back waters and paddy fields.


People with three religion namely Hindu Islam and Christians are residing in Nannamukku village. Lot of temples Mosques and Churches are in this Village. All are living in communal harmony. Main income source is Agriculture. Coconut , Arecanut and rice are main crops.. A lot people are working in Gulf countries. Foreign money is also a big income source.


In Nannamukku village land is plain land with lot of backwaters and paddy field. Migratory birds are seen in the paddy fields in the months of November and December. The premises of Melekkavu of Mookkuthala kannenkavu Temple is a very Eco- friendly place in Nannamukku village. Rare kinds of trees , creatures and birds are seen in the four hectares of forest area surrounding the temple. Cutting trees and branches are against temple rituals. This created a pleasant and healthy environment in this area.


There is a famous temple namely Kannenkavu Mukthis Thaleswari temple in Nannamukku village. It is situated in 4 hectares of land with thick forest. Cutting trees and branches are against the temple rituals. The temple is also known as Dakshina Mookambika.