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Ozhur is a Village in Tirur Taluk, Malappuram District of the State of Kerala, India. This village is situated within the part of the medieval Kingdom of Tanur that also known as Vettattnad.


Ozhur Village consists of 10 survey Blocks and they are 1. Kuruvattissery, 2.Manalippuzha, 3.Thalakkattoor, 4.Karingappara, 5.Korad, 6.Omachappuzha, 7,Ozhur, 8.Eranellur, 9.Ayyaya, 10,Perincherry. As per 2011 Census, Ozhur had a population of 34,016 with 15.807 Males and 18,209 Females. The entire village consists of the entire panchayat by the same name Ozhur Grama Panchayat which consists of 18 Wards. They are 1.Onakkad, 2.Eranellur, 3.Kuruvattissery, 4.Korad, 5.Omachappuzha, 6.Varikkottuthara, 7.Manalippuzha, 8.Estatepadi, 9.Karingappara, 10.Parammal, 11.Perincherry, 12.Melmuri, 13.Ayyaya South, 14.Ayyaya North, 15.Thalakkattur, 16.Ozhur, 17.Kathirkulangara, 18.Vettukulam.


Total geographical area of village is 1592 Hectares and Ozhur Village is the part of Ozhur Panchayat, Tanur Block, Tanur Assembly Constituency, and Ponnani Parliamentary Constituency. Tirur is the nearest Town to Ozhur Village which is approximately 10 km away.


Majority of the population has chosen agriculture, business and overseas jobs as their livelihood. Majority of the population belongs to the Muslim Community and minorities are Hindu communities.


In Ozhur Village most of the land is comprised of Wet Land and Hilly area.


In Ozhur, there is no major tourist attractions. But in Karingappara there is a small waterfall and a small cave known as Narimada in Vellachal.