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Niranam is a place of great cultural and religious significance. Niranam Mosque and Malik Dinar Juma Masjid are the oldest Christian and Muslim places of worship in India. The ancient Thrikkapaleswaram Shiva Temple is also in Niranam. This is also the land of Niranam poets who enriched Malayalam literature. It is part of the Upper Kuttanad and is situated on the border of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts and is situated below sea level. The main occupation of the people is paddy cultivation and duck rearing. At the same time, a large number of people working in foreign countries are a critical component of the Niranjan economy.


As per 2011 census 10770 People are living in this Village, 5084 are males and 5686 are females . Literate people are 9452 out of 4456 are male and 4996 are female. Around 2837 families are residing in this village.


The village lies west to Tiruvalla town, about 7 kilometres.Niranam Village is a part of Upper Kuttanad. That is why floods occur every year and people are being housed in relief camps. Major portion of this village is wetland.


The majority of the population is farmers. There are also a lot of people working abroad. Most of the village is paddy fields. Therefore, the per capita income of the village is determined by the income from agriculture. There are many duck farmers also in this village.


Due to the proximity of the Pampa and Manimala rivers, the place is flooded at a good time of the year and at the same time experiences a severe shortage of fresh water during the summers.


Land for water festivals and harvest festivals, suitable for inland water tourism.