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Kanippayyur village office is located near Kakkad temple . Kanippayyur is prominent in the practice of Traditional Architecture, Temple Building, Astrology and related studies. At the onset of twentieth century, Kanippayyur Shankaran Namboodiripad – one of the famous practitioners of the Architectural Science – popularized and rejuvenated Vaastu Shastra.Area of kanippayyur village is about 550.0000 Hect.Area of jurisdiction 10,11,8 part,12 part wards inChowannur Grama panchayath and 25,26,17,16 part,14 part and 12 part in kunnamkulam municipality.


As per 2011 census Kanippayyur had a population of 3245 with 1511 males and 1734 females.Approximate statistics of births and deaths are available in chowannur grama panchayath and municipality.


Kanippayyur village is boarded by Chowannur, chemmanthitta,choondal and kandanassery in the east, west Arthat,kunnamkulam and chowannur,north chowannur and south kandanassery and arthat.


Major part of the population of kanippayyur village depends on business and agriculture for their livelihood.


The area comprises of paddy fields.Groundwater is the main source of water in the area.