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Melattur is a village in Malappuram district of Kerala. It is situated on the banks of Velliyar river. The name Melattur came from the Malayalam word Mele (Means Above), Aaru (means river), Ooru (means place) .That is place near upstream. There are places named Edayattur (place near middle of the river), and Keezhattur (place near to the downstream) on the banks of the river Olippuzha.


The Melattur Village located in Perinthalmanna Taluk, 27250 People are living in this Village, 12974 are males and 14276 are females as per 2011 census.


The town is well connected to Perinthalmanna (17 km), Mannarkkad (24 km), Manjeri (23 km) and Karuvarakundu (11 km). The shortest route connecting Kozhikode with Palakkad (via Manjeri - Pandikkad - Melattur - Mannarkkad, 134 km) passes through Melattur.


Melattoor village is a predominantly Muslim populated area. Melattur town situated in the banks of velliyar river. Hindus exist in comparatively smaller numbers. So the culture of the locality is based upon Muslim and Hindu traditions.Attutrikkovil siva kshetram and Masjid situated in the center of the town .There are many libraries in the village among this Melattur Grandhashala is one of the oldest libraries in the district with a big collection of malayalam prose and literature


Melatturr village includes mostly midland and there one town Melattur. There is a river named Velliyar and some narrow nourishing rivers.


No major tourist destination in this village