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Nediyiruppu village is situated in Kondotty Taluki in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Area of nediyiruppu village is 2009.2695hrs.It is situated 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Malappuram, the district headquarters. Important places in Nediyiruppu village are Musliyarangadi, Colony Road Junction (previously noted as Nediyiruppu landmark), Kottukkara, Meleparambu, Chirayil Chungam, Kodangad, and Kuruppath. Historically, Nediyiruppu was important as the capital of the Zamorin dynasty. Nediyiruppu Swaroopam Road, in Poyilikkave, was named in remembrance of that heritage


As of 2011 India census, Nediyiruppu had a population of 30,462 with 14,859 males and 15,603 females. In 2015, Nediyiruppu Grama Panchayath and Kondotty Grama Panchayath merged to form a new Kondotty municipality.


In Nediyiruppu village there is a hilly as well as plain areas.


The main income of the village is from remittances from Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia. A large number of the locals also work in the agrarian sector. Small industries like hollow bricks, wood cutting, granite quarries, and matchbox units exist in the village. The only available petrol bunker is located at Kurupath Junction.


Nediyiruppu village is blessed with beautiful landscapes.Arimbra hill is one of the beauty point in nediyiruppu.Nediyiruppu sworoopam is a remembrance heritage is situated in Nediyiruppu village


*Poyilikkave Karinkali Temple is an ancient temple in Nediyiruppu that was constructed during Zamorins period. The capital of the Zamorins was at Nediyiruppu Swaroopam, which made this temple important. The Thalapoli festival worshipping Goddess Karinkali Devi is held in December of every year. *Pandikashala Mosque in Musliyarangadi is the biggest mosque in the village. The mosque has intricate carvings of verses from the Quran on doors and windows. There is one Dargah of a holy man in this mosque. *Thiruvonamala Temple, near Harijan Colony Road. Chirayil Chungath Jumaeth Palli, 400 years old, with a 250-year-old carved Mimbre. *Ayyappa Temple, Chirayil. * Mini Ooty