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The Village falls under Chalakudy Taluk which is under the Revenue Divison of Irinjalakkuda


Malayalam is the language spoken by the majority in this area. The female population exceeds the male population by a small margin which is a common characteristic throughout the state. The standard of education among the people in the village is really high in comparision to the national average, with a big majority of population manages to complete their high school education


The place features a tropical monsoon climate almost throughout the year. The region lies in the southwestern coastal state of Kerala, resulting in a tropical climate; there are only minor differences in temperatures between day and night, and over the year.


A large cross-section of the population belongs to the middle-lower class in the economical spectrum, the main source of income being mostly agriculture, small scale business, self employment and day to day labour. The society has people belonging to all major religions viz Hinduism, Christianity and Islam living in complete harmony which is a trademark of the state itself and this village is no exception


"The village boasts a balanced ecological system with the co-existance of human, botanical and zoological life. The village has lots of greenery towards the interiors and the people lead a life without disturbing the wild and plant life. "


The main places of attraction are majorly temples and churches. These religious institutes have decades of history behind them, if not centuries and can be a subject of interest to those passionate about culture and archeology. The place is also blessed with natural scenic beauty just like any other place in the state and the interior places have a lot to be explored and enjoyed