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Chittarikkal Village is situated at Chittarikkal in East Eleri Grama Panchayat.


Total population of the Village as per 2011 census is 15152 (male-7398, female-7754).


The total area of the Village is 8077.19 Acres in which 7961.33 Acres is dry land, 69.63 Acres is wet land and the balance is puramboke land which includes roads, thodu and A.W lands. Cherupuzha river separates Kasaragod from Kannur District. The southern boundary is shared with Vayakkara Village in Kannur District. North - West Eleri Village, East - Palavayal Village and West - Beemanadi Village


Village office is situated in the heart of the East Eleri Grama Panchayat, where most of the banking, educational and governmental institutions are located. The livelihood of most of the people is agriculture.


The Village is generally eco-friendly. No unauthorized quarries are working in the Village. Environmentally harmful activities do not usually occur on the part of the people. Stringent actions are being taken by the revenue and local self government authorities against those who polluted the environment


No prominent tourist destinations are located in the Village