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sree bhagavathy temple ,panayannarkavu.

The Temple was opened to the public eight years before the temple admission proclamation in 1936

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About Village

Vadakkumthala village is one of the villages in the Karunagapally taluk of Kollam district. Vadakkumthala village is formed separately from Panmana village. Village Office is located at Panayannarkavu East, Kuttivattom Junction on the Kollam-Karunagapally National Highway. Vadakumthala Village is located in Panmana Grama Panchayat. Nine wards of the Panchayat are located in Vadakumthala Village. The population is about 24,000. The eastern, northern, and western parts are surrounded by Pallikalar. There are many historical and cultural features of Vadakkumthala Village. Panmana Ashram is located in Vadakkuthala village where the famous Yogi Chattambiswamy is buried. The Ashram has been involved in many developments in the history of Indian national independence, including the visit of Mahatma Gandhi. Panayannarkavu Shree Bhagwati Temple is a temple that was opened to the public before the proclamation of temple entry. In 1940, the State Congress meeting to challenge Sir C P was held at Panayannarka. The CSI Church was started in 1847 at Kollaka ,Vadakkumthala.


Population: 20993 Houses: 5084 Gender ratio: 1099 Literacy: 93.66% Area: 8.31 square Km Language: Malayalam, English Hindu: 47.10% Muslim: 45.10% SC: 12.02% ST: 0.34% Christians: 7.61% Based on the 2011 Census General Information. Schools: CMSLP School, Kollaka, KMJLPS, Kollaka, S, V, P, M, H, S, Vadakkumthala, DVLPS, Vadakkumthala, GLPS, Manayil, St. Aloysius LPS, Kuttivattam, Muhammadans LPS Kuttivattam. Institutions: Family Court, Judicial Court, Govt: Ayurveda Hospital, Kuttivattom, Coir Co-operative Society, Kuttivattom, Champakadavu, Govt. Homoeo Hospital, Panayannarkavu. , Veterinary Hospital Parambimukku, Panmana Service Co-operative Bank Puthayath, Panayannarkavu, Parambimukku, Multipurpose Co-operative Society Panayannarkavu, Places of Worship: CMS Church Kollaka, Three Kings Church Kuttivattam, Connaught Muslim Jamaat Palli, Kuttivattom Muslim Jama At Palli, Vadakkumthala Muslim Jama At Palli, Marthoma Christian Church Kollaka, Panayannarkavu Shree Bhagwati Temple, Konthara Devi Temple Vettamukku, Thengil Devi Temple Devi Temple In addition, there are small places of worship. Polling Station: There are a total of 14 polling stations in the village. Bridges: Champakkadav Bridge connecting Thodiyoor Panchayat and Connaught Bridge connecting Karunagapally Nearest railway station: Karunagapally railway station


East; Thevalakkara, Kallelibhagom North: Karunagapally, Ayanivelikulangara West: Panmana South: Panmana East, North, and West, surrounded by Pallikalar.


Nearly Hundred percent of the population is literate. The vast majority of men and women are highly educated. They work mainly in the government / private sector, wage labor, construction, and business. Socially, people have been able to work together in solidarity and cooperation.


Cultivation is not widespread as part of the general change. The plains are barren. Nature exploitation is very low. Natural disasters do not cause major problems.


Vadakumthala Village is a potential tourist destination for backwater tourism