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The place-name KANNAMBRA is said to be derived from ‘Kannan Para’(Rock Kannan). The main occupation people of the area was agriculture based on the feudal system or the Janmi system. The prominent Janmi family (feudal lord-Landowner) was the ‘Kannambra’ who belonged to the Nair community. The feudalism, the Janmi, their tenants, and their joint efforts, was the decisive economical factor of the land. Later, with the implementation of the land reforms Act in Kerala Janmi system came to an end and the peasants and the leaseholders of the land become landowners. With the formation of the Kerala state on a linguistic base, the southern part of the Kannambra Village witnessed. Large scale migration of farmers from the erstwhile Travancore (Thiruvithamcore) and began rubber and pineapple plantations in the area. Kannambra Co-Operative Bank is the first of its kind in Kerala.


Total population - 14303 Female - 7319 Male - 6984


North: Puthucode Village, South: Thrissur Taluk, Kizhakkencherry 1 Villages. West: Thrissur and Thalappilly Taluks. East : Vadakkencherry 1, Kannambra 2 Villages


The majority of people depends on agriculture. Paddy, pineapple and rubber are the main cultivation. The Government acquired 300 acres of land for an industrial park and it is being in its final steps. The industrial park will help in the overall development of the people of the village.


The paddy fields are eye-catching. We can see Peacocks, Wild buffalos, deer etc.


Pothuchadi, Vavumala, are noticeable in this regard. Its beautiful mountainous surroundings, as well as plains, are attractive. An arresting visual spectacle, the Kannambra-Rishinarada Mangalam Vela is a grand finale to the summer festivals in the Palakkad-Thrissur region. Considered as the largest festival in this region, the festival has an intriguing nickname, ‘Chakka Vela’, relating it to a story about the harvest of jackfruits and mangoes. The venue of Kannambra Vela is Sri Kurumba Temple, Kannambra.