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Chokli Village is located in Thalassery Taluk, Kannur District. Chokli village has an area of ​​1198.52 ares. In 2014, when the Pallipram, Peringadi and Mangad lands in Chokli village were separated and became part of the newly formed New Mahe Village, Chokli Village with the above boundaries was formed.


As per 2011 census the population was 33732


The village is bounded on the north by Pannyannur and Peringalam villages, on the east by Peringalam and Peringathur villages, on the west by the Mahe area of ​​Pondicherry State, on the south by Mayyazhipuzha.


In the past, Nedumbram land in Chokli panchayath belonged to Pannyannur land and Menapram land belonged to Peringalam land. Later Menapram Desam was formed. In the past, there was a check post near the present day Chokli Registry. Chowki Halli is the name given to a village with a check post. Later it was lost and became Chokli. It is said that the place name of Olavilam area in Chokli panchayath is derived from the word Olamvayal which refers to the area of ​​a wide field. It is said that Kaviyoor got its name from the place where Uracheri Gurudwaras lived, which was the origin of poetry. Such facts may be behind the emergence of place names such as Menapram, Mekunnu and Nedumbram. K. Kanaran Master, Kayakal Kumaran Master, VC Kunhiraman Vaidyar, Tharammal Krishnan, TN Kumaran Master, TM Sankaran Master, Kottayil Krishnan Master and RV Achuthan Master were some of the prominent freedom fighters of the region. VC Kunhiraman Vaidyar was a writer, educator and founder of VP Oriental High School for Sanskrit Language. V. Kumaran Master, who was the President of Menapram Panchayat, was a well known author. Most of the land in the area was occupied by a few landlords. Chokli was once a well-known trading center. People from Palathai, Triprangottur, Kallikandi, Poilur and even Panur used to come to Chokli to sell their produce and groceries. It was the largest cane industry center in the world. The cane was transported in bullock carts and the cane was used to make products such as baskets and chairs. Chokli was a well known timber trading center. The Sree Narayana Guru Memorial Library in Chokli is the oldest library in the village. Chokli Panchayath is also rich in traditional industries such as handloom, beedi, coir and weaving.


Only Kottalakkunnu, Thuluvarkunnu and Lakshmanveedu in Kolai can be considered as high land area. The remaining 95% is flat. Along the river from Montal Bridge to Pathikkal, black clay soils, sandy soils in hilly areas and red soils with gravels on land areas.


The coastal road from Monthalpalam to Pathikkal, the Kakkadavu boat jetty under construction at Mayyazhipuzha, the mangrove forest on both sides of the Kaviyoor Bund Road and the park attract tourists.