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Anakulam(Elephant Pond)

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About Village

Kuttampuzha Village is located in the foothills of the Western_Ghats.Kuttampuzha, Vadattupara, Inchathotti, Mamallakandam, are different areas in this village with hills, rivers and dense forests.Kuttampuzha village includes 14 Scheduled Tribe settlements.Kuttampuzha village was formed on 01.08.1982 by dividing Mannamkandam village in Devikulam taluk.Until 31.12.1996 this village was a part of Devikulam taluk in Idukki district.This village was added to Ernakulam district on 01.01.1997.Following the addition of Kuttampuzha village to Ernakulam district, Palakkad district came first in size


Basic information: Population (2011 Census) Men 12539, Women 12252, Total 24791, Parliamentary Constituency Idukki, Assembly constituency Kothamangalam (25 to 46 polling stations) Grama Panchayat (Wards 1 to 17)


Area 653.7455 sq km, (65374.5468 ha) Purambok 1580.8019 ha, Wet 48.3621 hectares, Dry 1304.2378 hectares, Forest 62441.1450 ha, Boundaries: East Devikulam Taluk Idukki District; North Chalakudy Taluk Thrissur District, Coimbatore District Tamil Nadu State; Southeast Devikulam Taluk Idukki District; West Periyar, Kunnathunadu Taluk.


Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in the village. Rubber, coconut, pineapple, pepper, cocoa, coffee and banana are major crops.But cultivation is not profitable due to the crop destruction of wild animals like elephant, monkeys, squirrels and wild boars Major Government / Semi Government Institutions: 1. Krishi Bhavan, Vadattupara, 2. Grama Panchayat Office, Kuttampuzha, 3. Tribal Extension Office, Idamalayar, Kuttampuzha, 4.Government Tribal Hostel, Idamalayar, 5.Government Tribal Hostel, Pinnavoorkudi, 6.Executive Engineer, Generation Division, K.S. E .B. Ltd. Idamalayar, 7.Executive Engineer, Dam Safety, K.S. E .B. Ltd. Idamalayar, 8.Project Manager, Bhoothankett Small Hydro Power Project, K. S. E .B. Ltd. Bhoothankett, 9.Assistant Executive Engineer Idamalayar River Basin Irrigation Project, Bhoothankett, 10. Forest Range Office, Idamalayar, 11.Forest Range Office, Thundathil, 12. Forest Range Office, Kuttampuzha, 13.Forest Range Office, Neryamangalam, 14. Assistant Wildlife Warden Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad, 15. Police Station, Kuttampuzha, Schools: Higher Secondary School 1, High School 4, LP / UP School 7, Government Hospitals: Primary Health Center 1, Ayurveda Hospital 3, Homoeo Hospital 2,


Most of the area in this village is forest land.These forests are rich in grasses such as reeds and bamboo.All the wild animals except the lion are found in the forests of Kuttampuzha village.The famous aquarium fish "Miss Kerala" which is found in Kerala and breeds only naturally is found in the streams and tributaries of the Puyamkutty forest.Another specialty of this village is the tribal people who live in huts in the dense forests between the Western Ghats.The names of the tribal settlements are given below. 1. Pinavoorkudi, 2. Metnapara, 3. Elamblassery, 4. Vellaramkuthu, 5. Uriyampetti, 6. Therakkudi, 7. Kunchipara, 8.Talavachapara, 9. Thalumkandom, 10. Variyam, 11. Vettivittakadu, 12. Arakkappu, 13. Adichilthotty, 14.Panthapra. These settlements belong to the Mannan, Muthuvan, Ulladan, Malayarayan, Malayan and Urali tribes.


The Iyamalayar Hydroelectric Project and Dam are located in this village.Other important tourist attractions are the Pooyamkutty River and the Peendimedu Falls. The Periyar, Idamalayar and Pooyamkutty (Kandampara rivers) and their tributaries that flow through the village are a major tourist attraction.Kuttampuzha Village is located in the northern part of the Bhoothathankett Reservoir and Dam, another important tourist destination in Kothamangalam Taluk.The Idamalayar, Thattekkad and Pooyamkutty forests are located close to the sea level.Thattekkad, the gateway to the village, is home to the world-famous ornithological bird sanctuary named after Dr. Salim Ali.The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is visited daily by nature lovers and tourists to observe and enjoy the migratory birds that come from all over the world.Rare species of birds such as macaws and hornbills also attract visitors here.Kuttampuzha is located at a distance of 75 km from Ernakulam.Suryamudi is the second highest peak in Kerala after Anamudi situated in Variyam tribal settlement,kuttampuzha village.Many Muniyaras can be seen in many parts of the village.The village is also known as the Elephant Pond(Anakulam) where a large number of elephants come in droves and enjoy themselves for hours.This place can be reached via Adimali-Kallar-Mankulam from Adimali in Idukki district.The largest teak tree in Asia is located in the Kappayam area of ​​the village.The old Aluva-Munnar highway passes through this village.This village has the longest suspension bridge in Kerala.The suspension bridge was built exclusively for the convenience of the residents in Inchathotty.Today, the place is a major tourist destination.