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William Logans Malabar Manual mentions that the Kottayam village was acquired by the Kottayam dynasty from the Kolathiri king centuries before the East India Company gained prominence in Thalassery. There was a center at Kulothummotta behind the Olayambalam Bazaar in Pinarayi to store the week and lease of the King of Kottayam. Its remains are still visible here. Pinarayi village was later part of Kottayam taluk during the British rule. The soil of Pinarayi is deeply rooted in the freedom struggle and agrarian movements. The farmers march led by AKG to the Thampurans Kovilakam in Kottayam in 1938 demanding a reduction in the farmers weeks rent is a brilliant chapter in Pinarayi history. The present Village Office Building located in the heart of Pinarayi Town was established on 26.05.2000.


As per Census 2011, Population was 16280


Pinarayi Village is located about 5 km north of Thalassery town. The village covers an area of ​​9.67 sq km and has the following boundaries: * Boundaries * North: Ancharakandi river East: Pathriyad and Eruvatti villages South: Omanchira River West: Melur River, Andalur River Situated between 20 m and 60 m above sea level, the landscape of Pinarayi Village is generally divided into five. 1. Swampland adjacent to the river 2. Field area with single soil 3. Plain area 4. Medium slopes 5. Small hill area


Pinarayi is a village famous for its religious harmony. Many rituals and practices are practiced in this region where different religions and ideologies co-exist. Pinarayi AKG Memorial Higher Secondary School, Government ITI, IHRD College and many other aided schools are located in Pinarayi. Pinarayi village is generally an agricultural area. Coconut, paddy, pepper, banana, cashew and tapioca are cultivated in Pinarayi village. Apart from coconut production, the toddy industry, beedi industry and weaving industry are also important economic activities of the village. In Pinarayi village, which is about 12 km from the river bank, there are many people who make a living from inland fishing. Hi-Tech Weaving Mill, Pinarayi Weavers Industrial Society, Traco Cable Company and PICCOS Ltd., a manufacturing company, are the major industrial enterprises in the Pinarayi region. The strong presence of the co-operative sector serves as a shadow in all spheres of peoples lives in Pinarayi.


The landscape of Pinarayi Village is full of paddy fields and wetlands. Most of the river bank, which stretches for 12 km, is protected by mangroves.


The riverside tourism center at Pinarayi and the numerous kavus in the village attract a lot of tourists.