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Chetwai Lighthouse

The Chetwai Lighthouse is situated at thottappu, manakkakkadavu road kadappuram village near Guruvayur in Thrissur District of Kerala. It was inaugurated on 29 September 1986. The tower is a 30-meter tall concrete structure.There did not exist any lighthouse earlier to the present one at this place. The light source was changed on 30 April 2003.

Naalumanikkattu - Mattummal - Karukamaad

It is a tourism spot maintained by private ownership Naalumanikkattu - Mattummal - Karukamaad


Munakkakkadavu Harbour

MunakkaKadavu Azhimugam

MunakkaKadavu Azhimugam :-MunakkaKadavu Azhimugam is located in Thrissur district, Kerala State, South India. Its around 34km from Thrissur town via Vadanappally (reachable via Moonnamkallu – Anjagadi – Kadappuram). The Azhimugam is a little isolated from the main road. This is the point where the Karuvannur river meets the ocean.

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The major activities /functions carried out by the Department.

  • 1 Protection and maintenance of Government lands and trees therein
  • 2 Collection of land tax, plantation tax, building tax etc.
  • 3 Land Records Maintenance.
  • 4 Election
  • 5 Land Assignment
  • 6 Issue of certificates
  • 7 Collection of arrears due on land via RR Act.
  • 8 Land transfer between departments.
  • 9 Activities related to Disaster Management
  • 10 Protection of minerals, regulation of quarrying of rock and sand
  • 11 Redressing public grievances - All offices

In addition to these, the Department performs functions as stated in more than 150 Acts and Rules.