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Thalassery is a city that has been developing since colonial times. Parts of Thalassery Village are located in the western part of Thalassery city. MM Road, which is located in the south-north of the city, mainly borders Thiruvangadu, the nearest village. Historians differ as to whether Thalacheri came to be known as the headquarters of the slum villages, and hence the name Thalakacheri, which later became known as Thalassery, or Thalassery. Due to its convenient maritime coastline and rivers from the east, the colonial powers made Thalassery a major trading center for the export of spices and other natural resources to Europe, especially from Kodagu, Wayanad, Kottayam and other eastern parts of the country. Thalassery pepper gained global fame during that period. Many warehouses still exist within the limits of Thalassery village as a sign of large scale trade relations with the British. Alippikoi, a Martian who migrated to Thalassery from Kannur Mars, has been doing business with the East India Company on a large scale since. Their descendants, known as the Kei family, still live in various parts of Thalassery. However, Edward Brennan, Herman Gundert and William Logan, as well as many other great personalities of the country, were among the first foreigners to elevate Thalassery to what it is today as a heritage city. The first cricket match in India and the cake was made in Thalassery. Dum Biryani from Thalassery, the cradle of circuses and galleries, is now famous even in other countries. The descriptions of Thalassery are so vast that they cannot be written or described in just one or two pages.


As per Census 2011, Population of Thalassery CT was 92558


Boundaries: East: Parts of Thiruvangadu village and Kuyali river North: Parts of Eranjoli and Thiruvangadu villages West: Dharmadam River South: Arabian Sea Desoms-4 1. Thalassery, 2. Vadikkakam, 3. Mannayad, 4. Kunnoth


The first dictionary of Malayalam and the first newspaper was born in Thalassery. Thalassery was the first place in India to host a cricket match and make a cake. Dum Biryani from Thalassery, the cradle of circuses and galleries, is now popular even in other countries.


Densely populated areas include beaches, rivers and mangroves


The following is a list of important historical monuments and leisure centers in Thalassery. 1. Thalassery Fort - Built by the British in 1708. 2. Sub-Collectors Office and Bungalow - Built by Edward Brennan 3. Herman Gundert Museum & Bungalow, Illukkunnu 4. Herman Gundert Park 5. The English Church of the Sixteenth Century (Edward Brennan Tomb is located here) 6. St. Rosario Church, founded in the sixteenth century 7. CSI Church, founded in the sixteenth century 8. Sacred Heart Church, founded in the sixteenth century 9. St. Joseph Cathedral, Holloway Road 10. Azad Library (Victoria Library established in 1902) 11. Revenue Reference Library, Office of the Sub-Collector 12. Jawahar Ghat - The place where Abu and Chathukutty were martyred as part of the freedom struggle. 13. Stadium Church over a thousand years old 14. Odathil Palli - This shrine is an excellent example of architecture 15. Sugar well 16. Thalassery Stadium 17. Connorwill Cricket Stadium 18. Centenary Park 19. Overbury Park 20. Seaview Park 21. Thalassery Court, the first in the Malabar Province Thalassery can be reached by rail and via Kannur Airport. Thalassery is located at a distance of 26 km from Kannur Airport, which is located at Mattannur. Thalassery is a city with many features that any traveler should visit, as well as its suburbs of Mannayad and Kunnoth, which have lakes and rivers.