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At the northern end of the village is the Sluice cum Bridge which connects Vellangalloor Panchayat with Padiyoor Panchayat. Kettuchira is often selected as a shooting location for movies, short films, and video albums. Many people come and spend time fishing.

Vallivattom Kadav

The boat is used as water transport which helps in connecting Vellangalloor panchayat with SN Puram panchayat, attracting the scenic beauty of the Connolly Canal.


A large number of migrating birds are visiting every year "Ammaripadam", a small beautiful place of this village.


Point of interest


Cheepumchira is located about 2 km south of Vallivattom village on the Karuppadanna road, on the banks of the Connolly Canal and shines through the beauty of thick mangroves. It is a small tourist destination with natural beauty. Many people come here to watch the sunset in the evenings.

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The major activities /functions carried out by the Department.

  • 1 Protection and maintenance of Government lands and trees therein
  • 2 Collection of land tax, plantation tax, building tax etc.
  • 3 Land Records Maintenance.
  • 4 Election
  • 5 Land Assignment
  • 6 Issue of certificates
  • 7 Collection of arrears due on land via RR Act.
  • 8 Land transfer between departments.
  • 9 Activities related to Disaster Management
  • 10 Protection of minerals, regulation of quarrying of rock and sand
  • 11 Redressing public grievances - All offices

In addition to these, the Department performs functions as stated in more than 150 Acts and Rules.