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Nilambur Kovilakam

Located 30 km from Malappuram is the magnificent home of NIlambur royal family, the Nilambur Kovilakam. The delightful frescoes and beautiful wooden artwork tell the tale of a culturally extravagant empire. Lying on the banks of the Chali River, the local rulers were responsible for the overall administration of the place. Built according to traditional Kerala architecture, the craftsmanship on display still astounds archaeologists and historians to this day. Nilambur and its famous teak plantations have earned the area much renown around the world. Getting there Nearest railway station: Nilambur is the terminus of the Shornur - Nilambur railway line. Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 26 km from Malappuram town

Teak Museum

eak Museum is located 4 km from Nilambur, a town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, South India. Teak occurs naturally in India with the main teak forests found in Kerala.[1] In the old administrative records of the Madras Presidency, it is recorded that the most remarkable plantation owned by Government in the erstwhile Madras Presidency was the Teak plantation at Nilambur planted in 1844.[2] The museum, a two-storey building, is the world's first teak museum and is operated by the Kerala Forest Research Institute. The exhibits include comprehensive information on aspects of the use of teak in their exhibits and articles on the subject. The museum provides extensive information of value historically, artistically and scientifically.[3] The museum was established in 1995 on the campus of the centre of Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) because of the historical significance of teak to the area. The world's first teak plantation was planted in Nilambur in the 1840s by the British

Conolly Plot

Canoli's plot One of the oldest teak plantations in the world, the Conolly’s Plot is named after H. V. Conolly, the district collector of Malabar during the British rule, who decided to plant teak to meet the growing demands of teak during that time. Along with a local sub-forest conservator Chathu Menon, he successfully carried out the planting of new teak trees and discouraged felling of immature trees. One has to cross a beautiful hanging bridge, which is the longest in Kerala, built across river Chaliyar, to reach the Conolly Plot. The plot, developed in the 1840s is home to numerous large teak trees. The plantation also houses a big tree which has a girth of 420 cm. Getting there: Nearest railway station: Nilambur is the terminus of the Shornur - Nilambur railway line Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport in Malappuram district, about 26 km from Malappuram town

Banglavu Kunnu (Bungalow Hill)

Banglavu Kunnu (Bungalow Hill) at Nilambur is famous for its winding road where ayurvedic herbs are planted on both the sides of the officers'cottages (which are now used as forest range offices).

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